Browse the internet anonymously

If browsing the Internet anonymously is a priority for you, then you have come to the right place now! Hashtag Space is the proud home of the #1 decentralized social media marketing platform globally in conjunction with the best decentralized Internet browser in the world, MetaHash! Feel free to check out our hashtag #domain name system at any time right here on this website. 

For more cybersecurity tips and learn how to browse anonymously, keep reading. This piece is for you. Here, we will discuss the best practical ways to stay under the radar when you are cruising the deep dark web or Web 2.0.

As you will see, there are a number of potential dangers at any time when you are browsing online, using Web 2.0. It is worth your time to be proactive and protect yourself from the dangers that exist. That’s where the topic of browsing the web anonymously comes in.

How to Stay Anonymous on the World Web Web 

The most important takeaway from this article is that simply switching your Chrome browser to an incognito tab will not protect you as you browse the web. If you want to browse the Internet anonymously, you will need to take additional steps to protect yourself. Some people would respond by saying, “If you are not doing something illegal, you’ve got nothing to hide.” Well, even if you are not doing anything illegal online, it’s still beneficial to remain private, and there are plenty of other good reasons why you will eventually be spied on if you haven’t been or are not at present.

Today, pretty much every Tom, Dick, and Harry is out to get your browsing data, and that’s a fact, whether you realize it or not. We are not talking about tinfoil hat, paranoid, delusional conspiracies here. The primary reason for spying and collecting data in most instances is advertising. Big companies, political campaigns, and small business owners alike all want you to see their advertising stuff, and that is why there is a relentless quest to watch what you do online. Marketers spare no expense to learning your online behavior. If advertisers do it, governments, hacks, and experts can spy on you too!

The good news is that Hashtag Space has made staying private online perhaps less difficult than you may be inclined to think. Further, anyone can do it! In addition to switching to our browser, Meta Hash, and besides using our decentralized social media platform, let’s look at a few strategies to help you surf the web anonymously.

Use a VPN

Use a VPN like private Internet access. Virtual private networks (VPNs) work by taking in your private data, encrypting it, and sending your data through their network of servers before forwarding your data to the destination country of your choice. When the VPN sends your data out to its intended destination, the VPN decrypts the data, causing the data to look like it originated from that exit point rather than your computer.

Whether you are torrenting or looking up content that might lead to the generation of embarrassing ads in your browser the next time someone sits down at your computer. 

A VPN is an essential tool for staying safe and private whenever you are online. A VPN will secure your data in some ways. For example, a VPN will:

  • Making it so your ISP can’t tell what you are doing
  • Allowing you to circumvent most firewall blocks

Still, there are ways to track any individual using a VPN because all of your information is kept together. Therefore, a VPN is just one of the tools in our belt.


Tor, also know as the onion router, is an Internet networking protocol that’s integrated into the Tor web browser. The Tor browser was designed to anonymize the data relayed across it. By encasing your traffic, Tor keeps users’ online activities anonymous in multiple layers of encryption. Then, the content is sent through a number of nodes that peel back those layers one at a time. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for nosey people to see your webmail, your search history and your other online activities.

However, just like a VPN alone may leave you vulnerable, so also, using Tor by itself is an imperfect solution.


The Linux-based, Tails is designed to forget everything that it has ever heard and seen. Using these tools on a decentralized platform in conjunction with one another is the best way to browse the Internet anonymously.